WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s no secret many companies are struggling to find employees. Area restaurants are no different. Some are having a hard time keeping their doors open.

Copper Oven Cafe in Wichita recently celebrated its tenth year in business. But it recently changed some things as the owner said it is impossible to find enough staff.

“We used to get four or five applications a week, and we have walk-in applications, and we have had four applications in the last four months,” said Phil Schoenhofer, Copper Oven Cafe owner.

Schoenhofer said with the staffing shortage. They stopped serving dinner.

“We combined the best of our two crews and put them all on the first shift so we could continue to serve the best that we could,” said Schoenhofer.

Copper Oven Cafe isn’t the only place trying to find help.

Across town, Delano’s Diner sees many applications, but the manager, Amber Almos, said people do not show up for their interviews.

Almos said she is lucky to have a loyal staff that is willing to pick up the slack.

“Getting a few extra hours here and there for them, but I know it is starting to take a toll on them,” said Amber Almos, Delano’s Diner manager.

The diner raised starting pay to get more interest.

It’s not just a staffing issue. Both restaurants are raising prices on their menus to keep up with rising food costs. Plus, there’s a shortage of certain items.

“There is just no incentive out there for work, and people are responding to that, and they are not coming in,” said Schoenhofer.

Copper Oven Cafe is planning on keeping the new hours as long as staff can keep up.

Delano’s Diner said it is staying open for its supportive customers and helping support its employees.

They said to be patient and kind when dining anywhere because of the situation many restaurants are in right now.