WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Wichita firefighters were busy dealing with five fires from Sunday night into early Monday morning.

The Wichita Fire Department said three of the fires were in structures that were not supposed to be inhabited, but people were using them as shelters.

A fire in the 2200 block of North Shelton, near 21st and Arkansas, injured one person.

The fire department said the fire was in a metal garage behind a home. The first crew to arrive saw smoke coming from the garage.

As the firefighters worked to get the fire out, they saw signs that someone had been staying in the garage, but they did not find anyone. However, an employee of a nearby business reported that a possible fire victim had entered the business and appeared to be suffering from extensive burns.

Sedgwick County EMS arrived and took the person to the hospital. At last check, the victim was in critical condition.

The Wichita Fire Department did not release the locations of the other four fires. Its investigators are looking into how each one started.

In a Facebook message, the fire department said, “As a reminder, structures that are boarded up, or not intended for occupation, should be reported if found to have persons entering or leaving.”