WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office says a 17-year-old boy arrested by Wichita police officers Friday died after workers at the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center put him in restraints.

Col. Brian White, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, says there was a 911 call Friday, and police responded.

“I do not know the exact nature of the call,” White said. “I know that the juvenile was acting out, and the people that were watching over this 17-year-old needed assistance and called law enforcement for that help.”

Wichita police officers ended up taking the teenager into custody on suspicion of three counts of battery to law enforcement officers. They took him to the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center.

“While in custody, the juvenile assaulted a Juvenile Intake Assessment Center staff and was restrained,” White said.

He said the restraints were handcuffs.

“After restraining the individual, he became unresponsive, and Emergency Medical Services was summoned.”

White says EMS took the boy to a hospital where he was admitted. He died Sunday at the hospital.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation was notified and is investigating. The sheriff’s office is assisting with the investigation. The investigation includes an autopsy to see if the boy had medical issues.

White also mentioned a new technique police use to restrain some people.

“I believe that the police department used a new system called the WRAP system, which is essentially a way to restrain someone that is more out of control and remains out of control and so that they don’t inflict any self-harm or that they’re more safely transported,” White said.

But the sheriff’s office says the restraint being used when the boy became unresponsive was handcuffs.

White says the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center is a Sedgwick County facility, but the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office does not manage or control it.

“Obviously, it’s an important partner of ours and but no sheriff’s office deputies were there as part of this investigation,” he said.