WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The 45th Annual Wichita Postcard Club Show brought in collectors from across the country over the weekend.

Hal Ottaway, a postcard collector and enthusiast, was one of the founders of the Wichita Postcard Club 45 years ago.

Ottaway says he likes the historical aspect of postcards.

“If it happened, chances are it was on a postcard sooner or later,” said Ottaway.

He says over the four decades of the club, he has noticed a lot more gray hair.

“I look at pictures of earlier shows, and not much white hair there, but it’s been fun to, you know, be associated with wonderful people,” said Ottaway.

Ottaway says he was able to meet a professor at the show.

“Just blew me away with the facts and issues that he had taken up with his postcard collection, collecting,” said Ottaway. “So it’s been very nice and rewarding.”

The Wichita Postcard Club meets monthly online. For more information, check out “Wichita Postcard Club” on Facebook.