WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — American Airlines canceled more than 1,900 flights since Friday. Two-hundred fifty alone were canceled on Monday. These cancelations had many people stuck in Wichita asking one thing. 

“Can I get home please?” Donald Drake, an American Airlines passenger, said. “My flights been delayed a couple of times,” Drake said. “I should’ve been gone already, but I’m still here.” 

Drake was in the Air Capital for a family event over the weekend. He said a doctor’s appointment back home in Los Angeles has him looking at all possible options. He doesn’t want to wait another four months to get on the books but getting home as soon as possible isn’t cheap.  

“For $2,000, I could buy a ticket to get home, one way,” Drake said. “$2,000 is a little outrageous for a five-hour flight.” 

Maria Nucete and a group of friends are here from Miami for a retreat. They are frustrated with miscommunications between passengers and the airline. 

“It’s a burden because the ticket says the flight is on-time, but it’s a lie,” Iraima Casal, an American Airlines passenger, said. “Because when you arrive to the counter, they say to you that the flight is canceled.” 

Nucete said she was at the airport all day because of those miscommunications. 

“We hope American will resolve this problem as soon as possible because we need to return to our jobs,” Nucete said. “Our family is waiting for us.” 

American blames high winds at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and staffing shortages for the delays. The airline says about 1,800 flight attendants are returning from leave soon after being laid off due to the pandemic. American expects to hire at least 600 more by the end of the year.