WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — There is an effort to keep Wichita the Air Capital of the World.

This week, the Greater Wichita Partnership, along with multiple local aircraft companies and city and county leaders, visited Las Vegas for the National Business Aviation Association’s 2023 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition.

“It is very important for us to continue to have a presence at this show because business aviation is such an important part of our economic landscape here,” said Wichita City Council member Bryan Frye.

They presented what the ICT has to offer for the workforce, aircraft supply, and manufacturing and checked in with local aircraft companies.

“Find out what their needs are. We met with Flight Safety, we met with Textron, we met with Bombardier,” said Wichita City Council member Jeff Blubaugh.

Wichita aircraft companies see the rising demand for aircraft and parts and the importance of growing the workforce.

“We need more workers, whether it be aircraft workers, mechanics, pilots, there is just still so much demand for good talent,” said Blubaugh.

Wichita is also getting its foot in the door in the defense industry.

City and county leaders said Textron and Bombardier are both working to grow in that area.

The aircraft industry continues to help the economy, and housing and quality of life are also high factors in attracting new talent.

“Getting them here and making them understand that Wichita is not only a great place for a job but to raise a family,” said Frye.

They said the future of Wichita is strong, and they expect it to stay the Air Capital for years to come.

Local leaders said some of the larger local aircraft companies are planning big announcements near the end of the year but couldn’t share much more.