PARK CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – The 1 million-square-foot Amazon was buzzing with workers Sunday. Park City residents say they may apply for a job.

“It’s a big building. It’s kind of overwhelming when you look at it,” said Robert, Park City resident. “It’s definitely something I’ll look into.”

Local businesses in the area welcome the new Amazon Fulfillment Center and its people to the area.

“People stop in here before they go home,” said Gabriel Biesiada with Park City Discount Liquor, about a mile from the Amazon complex. “We will pick up business from that because you know that’s a main street right there at Broadway that we’ll get a lot of traffic from.”

Residents in the area watched the progress on the large complex off of Broadway.

“I’ve seen it since they started building it. It was like dirt, barren land,” said Valley Center resident Peyton Smith. “Now, it’s this massive complex. It’s pretty big, but it’s nice, though.”

Park City officials say more jobs will bring more people to the area.

“It is a massive facility,” said Dana Walden, Park City Assistant City Manager. “Those individuals that are going to come into our community for those jobs, we will have people that will be coming to our businesses, to our restaurants. And they may be interested in living in Park City as well because Park City is a great community to live in.”

Amazon had 200 new workers on the clock Sunday, and the company expects to have more receiving workers at the facility soon. As a result, they plan to have shipping up and running by next Sunday.

“We are told they may have up to 1,500 people working there by the end of the year,” said Walden.