ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — The Andover community gathered for the first big event since a tornado hit the city on Friday, April 29.

Music Theatre Wichita held a production of Jersey Boys at the Capitol Federal Amphitheater on Wednesday night. More than 1,100 people attended.

If you know just how close the tornado was to hitting the amphitheater, you might be surprised at the turnout. Although it just missed the venue, it still affected the lead-up to tonight’s performance.

“We’re lucky that the venue, the stage, wasn’t affected much. There is a little damage you can see, but not a lot,” said Brian Marcum, the artistic director for Music Theatre Wichita. “There is a building that we use as dressing rooms and the VIP house, and it’s pretty uninhabitable.”

But as the saying goes, the show must go on.

“We’re really excited for Music Theatre to be out here and just the support of Andover and its people,” said Monica Skubitz, who attended the show.

“I’m excited that we can do this and that it isn’t damaged so we can come here and see the first performance of Jersey Boys,” said Marilyn Gideon, showgoer.

Marcum saw the first production as a great opportunity for the community to come together.

“As artists, we’re used to being the people who help bring back and help uplift communities and uplift people and keep their spirits up, so we’re just glad we can do that,” Marcum said.

The perspective was shared by many in the audience.

“We’re amazed that this taking is taking place tonight at the amphitheater with as much damage as we’ve seen in Andover,” said Alan Schumacher, who attended tonight’s show.

Tonight was the first of six Jersey Boys showings. For the schedule, click here.