ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) – A Kansas fire department is settling into its new home.

The Andover Fire-Rescue moved into Fire Station 2 this week, located off Minneha Avenue and Andover Road. The new station is years in the making. Talks of the station began in the early 2000s.

“Our community and our elected officials have been absolutely extremely supportive from the very beginning. You know the way the community is paying for this fire station is through a sales tax,” said Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell.

Chief Russell says the new facility is equipped for cancer prevention, including a place to clean off chemicals. He adds that it’s a new way of building stations.

“Back then, we were seen as really forward thinkers trying to be able to talk about another fire station. Now, it’s certainly a necessity. This station is really going to be able to decrease response times for a large portion of our city and a large portion of our fire district,” said Chief Russell.

Fire Station 1, located at 911 N. Andover Rd., will be closed to the public for remodeling beginning Friday, Nov. 10. According to AFR, there will be no staff in this building until next spring. While Fire Station 1 is being remodeled, crews will share space at the new station.

The official grand opening of Fire Station 2 is Tuesday, April 18, 2024.