ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) – The great-granddaughter of the 81-year-old Andover woman killed Sunday is sharing how her family is still wrestling with her death and her brother’s suspected role in it all.

Kayla Weir said her great-grandmother Maryln Harvey was a huge part of her life and helped raise her and her brother Tristan.

She and her family are now trying to cope as Harvey would have wanted them to.

“Probably the worst drive of my life because I just wanted to be here and be with my grandma,” said Weir.

As soon as she got the call from her mom that her great-grandmother was assaulted, Weir quickly packed a bag and drove five hours from Texas to Kansas.

But she didn’t make it in time to say goodbye.

“She called me and told me she had died, and I was just screaming and sobbing on the highway,” said Weir.

Now, Kayla is in Kansas with her family, remembering the woman who helped raise her.

“When I was little, I spent all my time with her. She would take us to school, she would make us breakfast, she taught me how to sew, she would sit there and drop us off at school and blow me a kiss to keep in my pocket so that she would be with me all day. I spent all my weekends with her. I mean, I talked to her every week,” said Weir.

Kayla said on Sunday her mom and great grandma went to pick up her brother, Tristan Weir, from the Sedgwick County Jail.

She said her mom was looking for a hospital to take Tristan to because he has a history of substance abuse and mental health issues.

“He’s had his difficulties and his struggles, but we didn’t expect this to happen,” said Kayla.

Kayla said her mom and aunt went to pick up Tristan from her great grandma’s house but had to break in because she wasn’t answering.

They found Harvey in bad shape and called 911.

“Grandma loved him. She was worried about him. She cried about him when he was in jail, and she just loved him so unconditionally,” said Kayla.

Police said Tristan Weir is the suspect in this case.

“We are all at the point, I think, where we know she would have forgiven him, and I think we are just trying to figure out if we can or how to learn to forgive him,” Kayla said.

As of Wednesday, Tristan Weir is still in the hospital after police said they found him unconscious at a cemetery on Sunday.

They used Narcan to revive him.

Once released, he will be taken to the Butler County Jail.