ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) — Andover tornado clean-up crews are trying to stay cool while working hard in the high heat. Hot and humid temperatures are sweeping the state of Kansas.

It’s an early taste of summer for many crews out there. On Monday, roughly 75 workers were spread across Andover trying to pick up all the debris.

While most are used to working in the heat, the drastic swing from the rain last week has made it tough.

Crews have been driving around with water coolers and making sure their workers are staying safe.

“Always have our folks pace themselves, make sure there’s plenty of water and other fluids, take breaks to stay hydrated and be able to make their way safely through the day,” said Ben Nelson, Assistant Director of Wichita Public Works.

While the heat has been an adjustment, workers know it’s important to keep going.

“It’s not going to be normal anytime soon, but the quicker we feel like we can get the debris out of the front, then they can start their process of their recovery. So we’re still in a response mode and trying and respond to the initial event, and we’ll do our best,” said Rick Lanzreth, director of Andover Public Works and Utilities.

Volunteers will be allowed back Tuesday and Wednesday. If you plan to help make sure you stay hydrated, bring water, sunscreen, and a hat.