WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A year after Kansas made a temporary memorandum to allow businesses to serve alcohol to-go, some lawmakers are wanting to keep the option on tap.

The exception was created to help businesses survive the pandemic. Both restaurants and drive-thrus have taken advantage of the to-go option.

There is a bill that has already passed the House that would make the alcohol to-go sales permanent.

“There will always be a group of individuals that will want to take takeout, and it just makes sense that their takeout should be paired with the beverage of their choice, and I think it’s been hugely popular,” said Rep. Kristey Williams.

With many of the to-go drinks sealed by a plastic bag, some people like Bob Recchio have concerns.

“To make it that much easier for people to drive up, get a drink and drive away, seems like they’re enticing people to drink and drive,” Recchio said.

Recchio is passionate about stopping drinking and driving after losing his best friend back in 2019.

“My wife was killed by a drunk driver, and I lived through that every day, and I want them to understand that it’s not acceptable to have this happen,” he said.

Some businesses say the temporary to-go drinks have helped them survive the last year.

“That keeps them safe, and it keeps our business rolling, and it’s just a win-win for everybody, I think,” said Ryan Cavanaugh, Brew Bank co-owner.

Recchio still feeling mixed about the bill.

“They’re worried about the dollar, and while that’s important, it’s not more important than people’s safety and people’s lives.”

The bill has passed been recommended by a Senate committee. If the Senate passes it, Governor Kelly could sign it into law.