WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Day or night, the trains that cross near 21st and Broadway are frequent north of downtown Wichita. 

On Saturday night, DoorDash driver Nathan Shaffer saw a stranger stuck on the tracks as a train bore down. He said it was a close call and could have been fatal.

“I was making a delivery, and I was behind a guy. Once, we get to the train tracks, I thought he was going to run through the light and beat it, but then, he just stopped,” said Shaffer “Then, both the arms go down on either side of his car.”

Shaffer said he began filming, thinking the driver might back up. He said after a few seconds with the car staying on the track, he decided to get out of the car.

Wichita DoorDash driver Nathan Shaffer saw a stranger stuck on the tracks as a train bore down Saturday night. He jumped into action. (KSN News)

“He doesn’t move, he’s just sitting there, so I’m like, okay, we need to talk to this guy,” said Shaffer. “His front tire was on like the second rail.”

Shaffer said he went up to the driver and asked if he was okay. Once he received a response, he told the driver to put the car in reverse while he lifted the crossing arm. 

Once Shaffer lifts the crossing arm, he said the train passes nearly two seconds later and only a few inches from the car. 

 “I didn’t realize how close it was, you know, I heard the horn getting louder and more frequent,” said Shaffer. 

Shaffer said he is not sure why the driver did not move and stayed on the tracks until he helped but said someone needed to help him. 

(Courtesy: Nathan Shaffer)

“For whatever reason, he was on the tracks and somebody needed to you know snap him out of it,” Shaffer continued. “I’m happy I could help the guy, you know, he probably has kids and a family that want him to get home.”

As soon as the train passed, the man waved and drove away. Shaffer said he did not get the chance to check on him. He said he hopes the driver sees the story so Shaffer knows he will be alright. 

“Your family needs you back and whoever you are, if you see this, I just hope you are okay brother,” said Shaffer. 

Shaffer said it is a good reminder to be more cautious when crossing railroad tracks so you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

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