WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Voter turnout for the Value Them Both could bring a lot more people to the polls August 2.

“It has national implications,” said KSN political analyst Jeff Jarman. “As the first state to have an election on a constitutional question immediately following the decision to overturn Roe.”

Jarman points out Kansans currently have a Kansas constitutional right to choose an abortion. He says the constitutional amendment question could change that.

“But because this issue is so polarizing it is the kind of issue where both sides can get more people to the polls,” said Jarman. “It certainly has the potential to be a higher than normal voter turnout. This is a primary and we have historically seen lower voter turnout in these kinds of elections.”

Jarman says getting out the vote will be strong on this issue considering it could allow Kansas lawmakers to enact laws to restrict abortion services in Kansas.

“And that means it’s bringing national money into our state to finance both sides on the issue,” said Jarman.