WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A new bill signed by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is giving aviation employees and employers a tax credit, as a way of boosting aerospace workplace development.

The bill, House Bill 2239, creates one tax credit for aviation employees and two tax credits for aviation employers beginning in the tax year 2022.

“I signed legislation that provides tax credits to the aviation industry because supporting the workforce development of one of our state’s most important sectors is key to our shared economic success,” Kelly said in a news release. “Now, aviation and aerospace businesses will have more tools to recruit and retain talented employees, enabling the industry to soar to new heights.”

The bill signing, which was announced today, was signed on April 14. It encourages in-state and out-of-state workers to join the aerospace industry in Kansas. In addition, employees with an income tax liability of less than $5,000 are eligible to carry any unused credit forward for up to four additional tax years, a $25,000 tax incentive over five years.

Additionally, the bill incentivizes employers to offer tuition reimbursement for employees who further their education in STEM programs. This bill provides a nonrefundable income tax credit for tuition at a qualified program, capped at 50% of the total amount of tuition reimbursement paid, and can be claimed each year, for up to the fourth year of employment with a qualified employer.

For more information on HB 2239, you can visit the legislature’s website by clicking here.