WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Not long ago, Textron held a job fair and over the weekend, Spirit AeroSystems held a job fair as well to fill aviation jobs.

Some are calling this a trend in Wichita.

“I would say there’s an uptick. Most definitely,” said Keith Lawing with the Workforce Alliance of South-Central Kansas. “So, it’s a job-seekers market right now I would definitely say it will continue to be so for a while.”

Lawing says there remain a lot of jobs that pay more than $50,000 a year.

The Spirit job fair over the weekend was specifically looking for people with two years of experience for some of its jobs.

But the interest in getting into aviation jobs is seeing growth as well.

“So right now, we are seeing an uptick of aviation manufacturing students in our classrooms, which is great to see again,” Andy McFayden, WSU Tech, said.

McFayden calls WSU Tech the leader in tech jobs in the Midwest. And he says it’s a great pipeline to get more people into Wichita.

“So, we have created a get-to-work program, scholarship program, where we are bringing in folks from a 50-mile radius or more outside of the Wichita area to come in,” he said. “They can apply, and they will be employed day one. They will have jobs working there at MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). It’s a fantastic opportunity while they are starting their three-year aviation maintenance degree. So, it’s kind of this unique job-day-one scenario for students.”

The program McFayden wants job seekers to know is called the “Get to WERX” initiative.

McFayden says MRO is part of the maintenance, repair and overhaul program included in the WERX program at the National Institute for Aviation Research through WSU.

Meanwhile, Lawing says if you are a first-time aviation job seeker or someone with experience, now is a good time to check out a job.

“The jobs are out there,” Lawing said. “But I would say in the last three months, we’ve definitely seen an increase there. For example, we did have a job fair at our workforce center for Textron here a few weeks ago. And we had 800 people show up, and literally they were making on-site job offers.”

Lawing says sub-contractors are also looking for both experienced and new hires in aviation.