WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Some people love it, and others hate it. Wednesday night Wichita Baseball unveiled their official name “Wichita Wind Surge” and logo.

Many of you are asking how the name Wind Surge was picked and what does it mean? Wichita baseball leaders say there is more to the ‘new look’ than you might think.

“Minor league is suppose to be fun. You know, we played a little fun with the name, but I think there is a lot more of a meaning on it,” said Bob Moullette, Vice President of the team.

Despite the reaction, Wichita Baseball 2020 has spent the last year brainstorming on the name and logo.

“Our branding team spent 300 days out in the community talking to folks,” said team owner, Lou Schwechheimer.

Moullette was one of those people.

“We just got their input. Like, hey what do you guys think we are right now? Where have we been? Where do we not want to go? Where do we wanna go?” said Moullette.

They says the name, colors, and logo all have a deeper meaning relating to the city’s history.

“We wanted to encompass all of the things that Wichita is known for and try to pay homage to the past with the Pegasus. You got the refueling tankers at the Air Force base which is the Pegasus. You try to weave them all together in a narrative that makes sense,” said Schwechheimer.

He says the word “surge” represents a city that is ‘surging forward’ with a new ballpark and river development. Fans told KSN that they are willing to give the new look a chance.

“The name is kind of lukewarm with me right now, but baseball is what rules,” said Roger Scoles.

“Just seeing all the different ways the logo is used really helps it grow on you,” said Wichitan Laura Quick.

Some fans are hoping others will follow their lead and support the brand.

“They should just try to support the team and buy tickets, buy gear cause that’s gonna be what help makes it work,” said Bryan Garton.

You can buy tickets and merchandise for the Wichita Wind Surge at their team store. It’s located across the ballpark at 608 W. Texas Avenue. They will be open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. leading up to opening day on April 14.