WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Wichita Wind Surge won’t throw out the first pitch to a game until April, but fans could not wait to get to the field Saturday.

“We thought we would have a tour of 10. There were 300 people lined up at 9:30 a.m.,” said Lou Schwechheimer, Wichita Wind Surge owner.

That was only the beginning. More than 2,000 people made their way to the ballpark to get a sneak peek at the progress of the new stadium. Fans who attended say they’re impressed.

“I work downtown, and you see the progress of it. But to be down inside of it, it’s just awesome what they’ve done here. It’s a great facility,” said Sean Kelley, stadium visitor.

“So modern and so up to date. It’s gonna be a lot different than the 85 years of what was here last,” said Karl Hassard, stadium visitor

Tour guides explained all that is still left to come and the events that will be held in the offseason. “I’m pretty impressed that they are going to try to do so many activities here and keep it busy,” said Carol Burgell, stadium visitor.

Schwechheimer says construction is a month ahead of schedule. Next, they will add the stadium seats.

“All the foundations are set, drilled in. Beginning in about two weeks, you will see parts coming in. Then, on January 5th, you’re going to have almost 10,000 seats installed in the building,” said Schwechheimer.

After the turn out for tours Saturday, the Wichita Wind Surge team says they are getting more excited for opening day on April 14.

“It was a really great day, and I think it really showed the support this community has and passion they have,” said Bob Moullette, Wichita Wind Surge assistant general manager.

“Wichita is truly a baseball town,” Schwechheimer said.

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