WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Linda Gregory was covering a Northwest High School football game on Monday evening when players were accidentally pushed into her, causing her to hit her head. She had been on life support with minimal brain function when her husband, Mel Gregory, and her family met with the organ donation team, deciding to honor her final wish.

She had a passion for photography and used it to help tell the story of sporting events, music, and everyday life for many years.

Linda and Mel joined League 42 youth baseball when it started in 2013. League director Bob Lutz says she was always volunteering to take photos.

“She provided us with a visual history of our league, and think we’re all just in kind of a state of shock. Linda poured so much into not only what we do but Northwest High School football and so many other things. She never stopped giving,” said Lutz.

Travis Heying, a long-time visual journalist in the Wichita area, met Linda while covering local games. He says she became the biggest supporter of the band that he is a drummer for on Sunday. Heying said she shot every show, never asking for anything in return.

“Man, all I can do is one day hope someone talks about me that way. It’s just like, maybe I need to be as generous as Linda was,” said Heying.

Sometimes, on Sunday, they honored Linda, showing their gratitude. They hope it will help her husband through the grieving process.

“We thanked her in the liner notes of our CD that we just sent off on Monday, the day this happened, so we’re hopeful that music helps Mel move forward,” said Heying.

Linda Gregory (Courtesy: Joanna Chadwick)

For family-friend Joanna Chadwick, Linda and Mel became like a third set of grandparents to her sons. She said that one night, while working a game at Maize High School, she didn’t have anyone else to watch her son. Linda volunteered, showing him how to take pictures and even buying him a snow cone.

“Frankly, I think we all need to have a Linda in us. We all need to be that person that does something good for nothing in return,” said Chadwick.

On Wednesday, Mel said that she was one of a kind. He said they will honor her wish to have her organs donated, calling it her final act of generosity.