WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The #BettyWhiteChallenge. Today, Jan. 17, would have been her 100th birthday. Now that she has passed, it’s encouraging people to live out her legacy.

The challenge has gone viral, where people donate to places that help pets in need. It’s to honor Betty White’s love for the animals.

It encourages people to donate at least five dollars to those that help animals in a time of need.

Wichita Animal Action League is one of the organizations that is participating in the challenge. The organization is a foster-based program, where people in the community take care of them until the animals find that forever home.

The group saves animals at risk of euthanasia at local shelters, provides welfare checks for neglected animals, emergency rescues, assists in vet care costs for medical emergency cases from local shelters, donates supplies to owners in need, and even helps owners with vet bills.

You can donate to their website or on their Facebook page when they post the event!

Others in the Wichita area are also participating, they include the Kansas Humane Society and Valley Center Animal Action League.

There are dozens of other organizations you can donate to as well across the state, to honor the legacy of Betty White.