DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – In a community where more than half of the people speak Spanish, having resources that help overcome language barriers is essential. The city of Dodge City is bringing good news to its diverse population. 

Before the pandemic struck, a large majority of Dodge City’s population preferred in-person payment methods according to city officials. This was especially true for parts of the Spanish-speaking community that relied on translators.

To help bridge the gap. the city purchased and installed self-serve bilingual kiosks that provide payment options in both English and Spanish.

The upgrades were made possible with SPARK funding. “It’s as simple as using a pop machine or an ATM,” said Abbey Martin, Dodge City Public Information Office.

The machines offer contactless payment options for utility bills. Catering to those that may not speak English while also providing a safe way to pay. “With the pandemic and people wanting to be contactless, this need was really brought to light,” said Martin.

Customers can pay by cash, check, or card, and see real-time updates to their accounts.

Officials say the kiosks are a simple solution for an everyday problem. “We are a majority-minority community. So we are doing what we can and the best we can to accommodate and be inclusive for them,” said Martin.

Currently, there is one kiosk installed inside the Village Square Mall. There will be another machine installed later this month at City Hall.

For more information on the kiosks, click here.