WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — This week, one national organization is recognizing what’s good across the country. Black Restaurant Week is a national initiative to connect locals to locally Black-owned eateries and runs from September 2 to 11. 

Here’s a list of locally Black-owned restaurants to check out.

Business owners expressed they love having a week of being recognized but said building connections with the community is essential for business. Some said they’re proud to serve their community and are grateful for the support. 

“It’s a southern touch, and it’s a southern taste that a lot of folks haven’t experienced not experience the southern taste,” Johnny Banks, Fish and More owner, said. 

Backyard Kitchen owner Kenneth Porter explains participation in the initiative is great for his restaurant and convenience store. 

“If we can support each other, my business can become a Walmart. My business can become a Sam’s,” Backyard Kitchen owner Kenneth Porter said. 

Fish and More owner Johnny Banks knows that community support is most important. 

“I don’t expect people to drive two or 300 miles,” Banks said. “We have customers that come in 10, 20, 30 miles out to come and buy our product because they said that they want to support a black business.” 

“I’m not going to be able to swim, survive or do anything,” Porter said. 

Both hope Black Restaurant Week will help all Black restaurant owners connect with all of the community. 

“I’m actually in a part of the woods I’m not familiar with,” Porter said. “I had a lot of people come in and help me do this kitchen that was from the community like help me paint and put these walls up.” 

Banks wants customers to know he’s proud to represent his community. 

“You also represent your neighborhood that your restaurant is so that you can stand out and you can show that you can be successful if you stay with it,” Banks said. 

That’s why Banks and Porter do what they do. 

“When I can see somebody smiling and put in one of those spoonfuls of goodness in their mouth, I’m satisfied,” Porter laughed.