RUSSELL, Kan. (KSNW) — Bob Dole’s hometown of Russell remembers the former United States Senator who died in his sleep Sunday, Dec. 5.

Dole was born in 1923. Throughout his life and career, he never forgot where he came from.

He believed in hard work, and from it would come many accomplishments, something his hometown would become proud of him for.

Dole’s political career started in Russell, and citizens of Russell remember him as a politician, but they also know him as the hometown boy who made it on a national stage.

Those who met Dole in his hometown say he made sure to spend time talking with people. They say he was about connecting with Kansans.

“I used to work in another place in town, he would come in there, and he was a hand-shaker. He would talk,” said Tracy Kraft, Russell.

If you start talking about Dole in his hometown, it does not take long to find someone who met him, talked to him or still knew him.

Dole’s nephew currently lives in the house he grew up in.