WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — As the City of Wichita anticipates the end of a boil water advisory that went into effect Tuesday, not every customer will necessarily be out of the woods.

“They have to, to put the water sample in, in some media and give the 24 hours is the time to see if there will be any bacterial growth,” Cathy Tucker-Vogel, Chief of Public Water Supply with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), said.

Tucker-Vogel says the 24-hour incubation period is expected to end by midnight Thursday for the city proper.

“If everything is OK, we will go ahead and issue that rescind notice sometime around, probably around one o’clock tomorrow morning,” Tucker-Vogel said.

However, the city’s wholesale customers will have to wait even longer.

“Past that master meter, that delivery point, the other city, the purchasing city is responsible for the water quality that is served to their customers,” Tucker-Vogel said.

“We could have gotten water from the system when it was bad,” Rodney Eggleston, Public Works Director with the City of Valley Center, said. “The whole system of pipes acts as a big bucket and holds water until sometime when it’s used, so we have to verify that their water is good, and then once that’s been verified, we can start our own testing.”

For many residents outside Wichita, that could mean anywhere between a 24 to a 48-hour-long wait.

“We supply water to RWD #2, so then ours has to be verified to be good before they can test their water,” Eggleston said.

“On Friday, we would know what the results are of [the City of Wichita’s] purchasing systems,” Tucker-Vogel said.

Tucker-Vogel says it’s rare when an initial 24-hour test needs to be repeated. However, if one of the city’s 180 samples is positive (depending on where that sample is located), that could mean anything from a partial rescind a notice to another full 24-hour test.