WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Bring out your artistic skills with classes at CityArts!

Did you know that CityArts, located at 334 N. Mead, offers a variety of art classes for people of all ages and skill sets?

Adult classes:

  • Drawing and Painting
    • Drawing
      • Drawing Fundamentals
        • This course develops students’ visual awareness and understanding of the range of drawing materials and techniques. Students will develop responses to the visual environment by employing varied stylistic and technical approaches. Exercises will include still life, figure study, portrait, and cityscape (weather permitting). This class is also perfect for those just wanting to brush up on past skills. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.
      • Drawing with Soft Pastels and Charcoal
        • In this mixed media class, soft pastels are combined with charcoal to create representational drawings/ paintings. The class starts at a beginner’s level. The student will become acquainted with the characteristics of these two traditional media and will acquire fundamental drawing skills, such as perspective, position, overlap, figure-ground relation and other essential aspects. Drawing and painting desire is required for this hybrid course. Ages 12+ Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.
    • Painting
      • Abstract Painting
        • Create a custom abstract work of art! Students will learn to work with techniques such as balance, shape and line. Students will be responsible for providing an 11×14 canvas and preferred paint. Age 16+
      • Acrylic Painting
        • Learn to paint using various applications on a variety of surfaces. This class is mixed with beginners and more advanced students to provide a collaborative work environment with positive feedback from peers, all while exploring different methods of acrylic painting. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.
      • Oil Painting
        • Learn how to get started in oil painting or improve and expand your current skills. You will gain a technical understanding of using oil paints in both a classic and modern way. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.
      • Pet Portraits
        • Have you always wanted to get portraits done of your pets? Come learn how to do them yourself! In this class, students will cover some of the basics of oil painting, such as transferring an image to your canvas with the grid method, color mixing, and paint application techniques. Students will be responsible for providing an 11×14 canvas, paint and a photo of your pet.
      • Watercolor Painting
        • Learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting, including flat and graded wash, wet-onto-wet and glazing. Various elements of design will also be covered. This class is designed for a beginner or someone wanting to brush up on their skills. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.
    • One Day Workshops
      • Digital Painting with Procreate
        • Ever done a digital painting? In this one-day workshop, students will learn the basics of Procreate. Students will need to bring their own iPad and purchase Procreate prior to class. All Ages

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  • Glass Blowing
    • Glassblowing — Paper Weights
      • Perfect for the beginner wanting to learn more about glass blowing. Learn how to navigate through the glass blowing process and create a paperweight, the starting point for future glass blowing projects. Age 16+
    • Glassblowing
      • Learn the basics of this unique art form and produce different pieces and forms in hot glass. Demonstrations and instructions will be given for more complex forms. Beginners must attend the first class orientation. Glass fee is included in the class price. Note: Students must wear clothing made of natural fibers, a pair of tennis shoes and bring a pair of sunglasses. Age 16+

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  • Glass Fusing
    • Kiln Work
      • Glass Fusing
        • Using System 96 glass, you will learn the fundamentals of glass fusing and work to design and create jewelry, tiles, slump dishes, plates, wind chimes and other items. Information on fusible glass, design, use of color, mold prep, fusing and more will be available. Students are responsible for purchasing their glass. Glass sheets can be purchased at CityArts.
    • Glass Bead Making
      • In this class, students will learn the basics of this ancient art form using glass rods and torches. A variety of techniques will be discussed. All supplies included. Ages 16+
    • One Day Workshops
      • Glass Fusing Basics
        • This workshop will teach you how to cut glass and design your own small dish or coaster. You will learn the basics of kiln-formed glass as well as cutting techniques and project layouts. Students will go over types of fusing and firing temperatures to achieve those results. The fee includes materials for projects and the use of tools.

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  • Mixed Media
    • Basic Leathercraft
      • Learn the basics of working with raw leather, including the carving of designs, cutting, dying and painting. Students will start with basic carving patterns and complete a small project involving all that the students have learned. Creating your own pet collar is a popular option for a completed project in this class. Students will need to purchase their own basic leather supply kit (which will be discussed on the first day of class), and CityArts will provide the leather, dyes, paints, and specialty tools. Ages 16+
    • Collage and Assemblage
      • In this workshop, students will be creating an abstract collage! Tearing, cutting, pasting and reassembling fragments of paper, found objects, or fabrics into a new art form is the basis of collage. Students will be using multiple medias to create an amazing work of art. All supplies included.
    • Dragon Heads
      • In this class, students will be making a wearable dragon mask. The dragon heads will be made out of foam rubber, hot glue, spray paint and your imagination. All supplies included. Age 16+
    • Fiber Art
      • In this one-day workshop, students will learn the basics of a fiber material of their choice, either crochet or embroidery. All supplies included. 16+
    • Gel Printing Workshop
      • Gel printing is a form of printmaking using a reusable gel block. You can apply paint to it, and add stencils and texture. Students will create multilayered prints. All ages. All supplies provided.
    • Handmade Paper
      • Make your own paper in this two-day workshop! You can bring in any recycled paper material or use what is available in the recycling bin. Students can also bring in local wildflower seeds to create seed paper! Handmade paper is relatively simple to make once you understand the process and have all the materials. Come see if it’s right for you while all materials are provided. Students can create cards or even add some simple printmaking. All ages welcome. Need a parent if under 16. All supplies provided.
    • Leather Pet Collars
      • In this class, students will be making leather pet collars (one inch or 1/2 inch) for a furry friend. Collars will be carved with patterns, stamped with names and colored with dyes or paint. Supplies will be discussed during the first class. Age 13+
    • Reed Light Sculptures
      • This lesson focuses on a modern example of two types of sculpture: abstract sculpture and light sculpture. Reed is an inexpensive and easy-to-use medium with diverse possibilities. Commonly used for functional items, in the hands of an artist, the reed can be formed into highly innovative fiber art. You will create one-of-a-kind laminated paper and reed light sculptures. The structures can be simple in their design, or they can become quite complex. They can be abstract or representative. It is a beautiful and unique art form. Age 16+

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  • Photography
    • Introduction to Digital Photography
      • This basic entry-level class is designed to familiarize you with the different DSLR/Mirrorless camera functions. The class is designed for beginners who are starting to learn about digital photography and their DSLR/Mirrorless camera and includes lessons on menus, buttons and settings.
    • Digital Photography
      • Level 1
        • In this class, your camera will be in full manual mode as you learn topics of complete control and understanding of aperture, shutter and ISO. You will look at how they all work together to achieve equivalent value exposure, histogram and custom white balance. Intro required or instructor permission.
      • Level 2
        • You will advance your ability to use DSLR/Mirrorless features and knowledge of the basics of photography, including lens perspective and distortion, balanced exposures, photographing water drops, panning, close-up photography and more. Intro, Level 1 required or instructor permission.
      • Level 3
        • Get ready for an interactive experience that covers lighting, patterns, filters, external flash units, controlling natural light, reflectors, action/sports photography, low light and nighttime photography. Night outings may take place in addition to the normal class schedule. Intro, Levels 1 and 2 required or instructor permission.
      • Level 4
        • This class is all about the rules of composition and lighting. You will learn and practice Forced Perspective Photography techniques as well. Photo assignments will be given throughout the class that will be evaluated to prepare you for Level 5. Levels 1, 2 and 3 required or instructor permission.

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  • Pottery
    • Pottery Experience
      • Looking for a unique artistic experience? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at throwing on a pottery wheel? Learn the basics of wheel-throwing in this two-hour workshop! All supplies included. Reenacting the scene from “Ghost” is not required. Ages 14+
    • Pottery — All Levels
      • In this fun and lively class, you will learn basic throwing techniques for the potter’s wheel, along with glazing and firing. Advanced students will be encouraged to attempt more difficult projects, such as complex forms and multi-piece throwing. Students may complete class projects or pursue special interests. ​An additional $20 clay/firing fee will be required. Ages 16+
    • Pottery — Advanced
      • Learn advanced techniques in throwing, glazing and decorating. ​An additional $20 clay/firing fee will be required. Ages 16+ Prerequisite: must be able to center and throw a simple cylinder and bowl.
    • Pottery Workshops
      • In this class, students will make a ceramic maraca. You will gain skills in hand building with clay. This can be a fun way to start or continue using clay. Students will be using the pinch pot technique to form the maraca and will decorate them by glazing and carving. All supplies included. Age 8+

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  • Silversmithing
    • Silversmithing
      • In our versatile metal smiting studio, students will be offered experiences in jewelry fabrication (sawing, soldering and stone setting), lost wax casting (centrifugal), forging, forming, enameling and lapidary. The purchase of silver and stones will be discussed during the first class (approx. $30 per project). Sheet copper in different sizes is available for purchase at the front desk.
    • Workshops
      • Metal Forming
        • Metal forming is one of the fundamental processes in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. In this class, students will learn a variety of techniques on copper and incorporate them into designing their own jewelry. Copper will be provided for the first class.
      • Textured Sterling Ring Band
        • In this one-day workshop, students will learn to size a ring, texture sterling silver, solder, shape and finish a band ring. All supplies included. Ages 16+
      • Wire Wrapping
        • In this two-day workshop, students will learn a variety of wire wrapping techniques. The wire will be provided by CityArts. Students are responsible for providing a cabochon (stone/pendant: 1″ -1.5″).

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Youth classes:

  • Drawing & Painting
    • Kawaii Drawing Workshop
      • Learn to make anything irresistibly cute using the Japanese style of Kawaii — “cute” in Japanese. Turn cakes into adorable smiling characters, scary monsters into cuddly friends, and make any animal super cute! Students will be working with pens and colored pencils. By the end of the class, you will complete an adorable sticker to take home with you. Skill level Beginner.
    • Beginner Drawing Concepts
      • This class is geared toward teens, where students will learn the beginning concepts of drawing techniques. Using charcoal and still lifes, this class will push them beyond simply drawing what they see to really capturing the essence of what they are observing accurately and artistically. They will learn drawing concepts that will further their art practice, such as gesture drawing, line, visual measuring, and shading. All supplies included. Ages 12-18
  • Mixed Media
    • Hand Kite Workshop
      • A one-class craft workshop for little ones to make something they’ll enjoy, a hand kite! This workshop will be a simple way to get their creative juices flowing whilst also practicing fine motor skills, such as tying knots! All supplies included. Ages 4-9
    • Young Creatives
      • Explore a variety of art methods, including drawing, painting, clay, photography, and more! Create fun and interesting art to add to your young artists’ gallery. All supplies included. Ages 6-12.
  • Pottery
    • Teen Pottery
      • Teens will explore basic wheel throwing techniques, hand-building and glazing. All supplies included. Ages 11-16
    • Youth hand building
      • This class is good for youth students who are too young to operate a throwing wheel but would still like to experiment with clay. In this course, students will learn pinch pots, slab building and coil building. An array of projects can be created in this class: doggy/kitty dishes, ceramic shakers, bird houses, animal sculptures., etc. Low pressure and fun for young kiddos looking to create. Ages 6-11

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