WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Even though the cold blast will be fleeting, landscaping companies are starting their winter preps early.

“We’ve had snow storms that have happened and then all of a sudden it’s sunny like this,” said Paul Bethel, account manager for Suburban Landscape Management.

Kansas weather keeps Bethel and the rest of the Suburban Landscape Management Team on its toes.

At any time they can go from mowing lawns to plowing snow.

After a wet spring, Bethel’s team is prepping earlier this year for the cold.

“Prepping our equipment, which is servicing all of our spreaders and snow plows we have,” he said.

They are not the only ones getting ahead of winter.

“We have different fig trees here, different types of palms,” said Daydra Campbell, Plant Kingdom Greenhouse Outlets.

Employees at Plant Kingdom are keeping residents’ plants safe from the plummeting temps.

“We pick them up in the fall and store them through the winter for them,” said Campbell.

They started picking up in August and they are booked for the next few weeks.

“We typically store about 3 to 5,000 plants and eight greenhouses full,” said Campbell.

Plant Kingdom says it usually returns the tropical plants to its customers in April, as long as Kansas weather cooperates.