WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Cargill has donated $500,000 to The Kansas African American Museum (TKAAM).

Cargill’s North American protein business proudly announced on Wednesday that they have donated $500,000 to TKAAM to close out the end of Black History Month.

Cargill says the donation will support the museum’s relocation to a “new, larger state of the art facility” that will expand the footprint of the museum in Wichita and make way for new exhibits that honor the state’s black history.

“The state of Kansas has such deep and rich history. Specifically, African American history. To be able to have the museum move from its historic location to a new location it’ll really help move forward with new technology, different ways to interact with the new generation, and also more space. There’s a lot of historical archives, and just being able to have more space and room to store it and display it in the future,” said Rob Stewart, the president of growth ventures and emerging markets for Cargill’s North American protein business and executive sponsor of the regional Cargill Ebony Council.

“With this donation, it not only helps us with building our new facility, but it helps us increase our technology, our programs, and our cultural awareness training as we move forward in the community. And that’s just so important. And we are just so proud to partner with them,” Executive Director for TKAAM Denise Sherman said.

Cargill says its donation is a part of the company’s wider focus on bridging the racial equity gap within the communities it serves.