Multiple fires burn throughout Kansas

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - Governor Jeff Coyler issued a disaster declaration for several fires burning throughout Kansas. Fires started late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The largest one came out of Stanton and Morton counties. 

One fire located in eastern Colorado along the Kansas line was pushed into Stanton and Morton counties in the southwest part of the state. 

Approximately 90 homes were evacuated from the two counties, including homes in the town of Richfield in Morton County. The fire was reported to be under control late in the evening. 

Another fire was reported near Weskan in Wallace County. The fire moved east of town. No word yet on how much damage that fire caused. 

"Right now, our brothers and sisters throughout western Kansas are battling the fires," said Bryan Ellis, Sedgwick County Division Chief. "We just need to be cognizant of anything that would start fires, especially with the wind and dry conditions."

Closer to home, Sedgwick County and Bel Aire fire crews helped Park City first responders contain a fire of the 300 block of E. 51st Street North. Crews were dispatched to the area around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. Residents in the Park City area told KSN that they heard a loud boom in the middle of the night. 

"We had such heavy fire involvement," said Chief Ellis. "Semi trailers on fire, plus all the trees back behind it so, we were trying to gain access with our trucks, and then also just trying to battle the wind as far as getting the fire knocked down to where it didn't spread to the other trailers."

There is still no cause for the fire and because of the rapid spread, crews still aren't sure where the fire started. 

"We're not for sure if it's actually remnants of pallets," said Chief Ellis. "Property owner said that there was also some pounds of cardboard that they pulled off of the pallets and part of it is cardboard and part of it is remnants of pallets."

Crews stayed in the Park City location throughout the morning to make sure the fire was contained with no sign of reigniting. 






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