WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Dozens attended the Save Century II public meeting Tuesday.

The group says it wants to raise awareness on riverfront development and make sure plans include the decades-old building.

Leaders are also trying to get Century II on the National Register of Historic Places.

Should it stay or should it go?

KSN’s Tiffany Lane asked Wichitans what they think about the iconic building.

She stood in Old Town Tuesday, with a sign that read “Century II Save it or Tear it Down.”

“It’s been here for a long time, and it has to be saved,” said Matthew Saul, when he saw the sign.

“Tear it down,” said Rick Winslow, a Wichita resident.

“I think you should save it,” said Brian Tarbox.

The corner of Mead and Second Street in Old Town is a busy one.

That’s where Tiffany posted the sign Tuesday afternoon to see what Wichitans have to say about the future of Century II.

She got all sorts of answers. Some wanted the structure to remain.

“Century II, we got to keep it up,” said Gabriel Vianna, a Wichita resident. “It’s been a while right.”

“I think that old school is better because all these new school things,” said Tarbox. “It’s always good to have those landmarks that you can go to.”

Those who want it to stay, say it still needs some work.

“They should just update it and make it look a little fresher,” said Jeannie Betsworth. “But, I don’t think they need to tear it down.”

Others don’t believe it’s worth the cost to keep in place.

“I don’t think the city oughta keep good money after bad to fix it up,” said Winslow.

He says there are other things he believes would better serve that spot.

“Apartments, housing, more people are coming to Wichita, they need a place to stay,” said Winslow.

Now Wichitans wait to see what the next move is.