WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Penumbra International LLC announced on Friday that they unveil detailed plans on Tuesday for the Wichita River Walk and Century II property.

The plan includes re-purposing the property that will include a world-class Air and Space Museum, International Market, and a new dramatically enlarged state-of-the-art performing arts facility, as well a newly enlarged hotel/convention and exhibition center. The new Century II District will even offer multi-family homes.

“The plans are just so broad. It seems impossible to really know how they’re going to do it so still not a lot of details surfacing on how this is going to occur,” said Celeste Racette, Founder of Save Century II.

Racette says she is not sold on Penumbra’s idea but is interested to learn more. “Now there’s competition on what to do with the area which I think is great. So, I do think competition gets the discussion going and gets perhaps more fact finding on either side,” she said.

Councilman Brandon Johnson planned to meet with officials from Penumbra Friday afternoon. He still had questions about the plan. “I don’t know the players — so I don’t know that there’s guarantees on the funding, Johnson said. “And again, most individuals who want to purchase city property or make some type of investment, have already spoken to the city.”

The private group plans to release details of their plan on Tuesday, June 15 at 4 pm at the Wichita Boathouse. The meeting will be open to the public.

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Images Courtesy: penumbrariverwalk.com