WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Some Kansas residents may have some confusion when it comes time for their vehicle renewals in 2023.

A tweet from Sedgwick County says county offices across the state of Kansas are aware of issues regarding this year’s heavy truck and trailers renewals recently mailed out from the State of Kansas.

“Please review your renewals, check to make sure that you do own the vehicles, and that the renewals show the correct weight classes for registration,” the tweet thread says. “Incorrect weight classes will reflect an incorrect amount due. Also, be sure that your trailer renewals do NOT include RV tax, as this is also incorrect and will result in a higher and incorrect cost.”

Sedgwick County officials say the issue is at the state level. When renewal notices are printed out for the state, they need to start about 90 days before the renewal month so they can be printed and mailed out.

Officials say the file that was printed for the heavy truck and trailer renewals was generated from a prior year’s file. This means customers may receive a renewal notice for a heavy truck or trailer they no longer own. It also means the notice may reflect an incorrect weight of their heavy truck, which will cause the fees to be incorrect.

Sedgwick County officials say if the customer no longer owns the vehicle, they can always:

  • Disregard the notice if they do not need to renew any of the vehicle(s) listed on the renewal.
  • Mail in their notice of sold vehicle(s) or trailer(s)
  • Drop off their notice indicating the vehicle(s) as being sold or disposed of to the information desk at either Sedgwick County Tag Office.

If the customer does need to renew, Sedgwick County Officials say:

  • Check to see if all heavy trucks and trailers are listed that need to be renewed
  • Check the weight listed for each vehicle(s) is correct. If so, they can mail in or come in person to renew.
  • If the weight is incorrect, they either come in person to renew or call the call center at 316-660-9000 to verify the correct amount before mailing in their renewal.
  • If the customer mails in the notice without reviewing it, the Tag Office processes the work, and the customer sends too much money in, the Tag Office will process the renewal and send the customer a split check.
  • If the customer mails in the notice without reviewing it, we pull up the record and if the customer does not send enough money in, the Tag Office will send the customer a letter asking if they want to renew all of the vehicle(s) and if the current heavy truck weight that pulls up in the system is still the heavy truck weight that they want to use.
  • If we pull up the renewal and a new owner pulls up in the system, the Tag office would send the customer a letter and return their check stating that they are no longer the current owner of the vehicle(s).