WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita man has a house full of Chiefs memorabilia, but he’s now selling a majority of the items in hopes of saving his home that has served as a meeting place and safe spot to recovering alcoholic.

“[My wife] was perfect,” said John Taylor, a Chiefs fan from Wichita.

In 2019, Taylor’s wife, Shelley died from pancreatic cancer. Taylor said collecting Chiefs items was something they both had a passion for.

Taylor’s wife Shelley
(Courtesy: John Taylor)

“On birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Wednesdays — it was like, ‘here is something with an arrowhead on it,'” Taylor said.

Thousands of unique things fill Taylor’s home. From autographed jerseys to game balls and figurines — the items and collection has stacked up over the decades.

Some of those game balls date as far back as the 1960s and others have autographs from some of the most influential people in Kansas City Chiefs’ History.

“On one side of it, it’s got Lamar Hunt’s autograph — on the other side, it’s got Clark Hunt’s,” Taylor shared.

Now the items are being sold with the hopes that Taylor can save his home. The home serves as a special meeting place twice a week for recovering alcoholics like Taylor.

“It’s become a safe haven,” said Taylor. “I lost a lot of income when my wife passed away. It’s really difficult to see any of it go.”

(Courtesy: John Taylor)

Taylor said he has made some progress with selling items. He said his Patrick Mahomes memorabilia was some of the first to sell.

“For the last 18 years of our life, our primary purpose was to help people in recovery and try to help give them a better life,” said Taylor. “To sell a few of these memories to perpetuate [my wife’s] legacy, it’s worth the trade,” he said.

Taylor stated he will continue selling most of the items but plans on retaining several special pieces of the collection for himself.

According to Taylor, many of the autographed memorabilia in the collection got signed in-person after traveling to practices, camps, and appearances over the years.

To take a look at some of the collectibles Taylor is selling or to contact him, click here.