WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) —With many homeowners paying companies to put up Christmas lights this year, lighting installers are in high demand.

With that seasonally high demand, Ace Holiday Lights, like many businesses, is helping clients while dealing with several issues. From getting supplies to being unable to find employees.

“I’ve been trying to hire since July,” explained Stephen Longberg, Ace Holiday Lights owner. “I’m hiring right now, we’re always looking for installers, I’m looking for a handyman, people that can drive, people who can put out signs. We’re always looking for people.”

Even with three guys crews instead of the preferred four, homeowner Greg Vance was impressed,.

“These guys are pretty amazing, they got here about an hour and a half ago and they’re almost finished.”

Greg Vance has been hiring companies to help put up lights for the past several years.

“Basically the reason we did it is that no one wants to get on a roof this high,” added Vance.

For Ace Holiday Lighting, they’re also battling the demand from customers with the limited ability to get supplies.

“We’ve been going through a supplier in Colorado for a long long time,” said Longberg. “It was the only supplier we had, and we had to go out and get three or four other suppliers and find what you can where you can. It has affected us, we’ve been able to get what we want, minus a little detail stuff.”