WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – With just five months until the first pitch is thrown out at the new baseball stadium, the city of Wichita is looking at parking options, not for cars, but for bikes and scooters.

“Looking forward to the games and the other and the other events that they have down there,” said Alan Kailer, president of Bike Walk Wichita.

In just a few months, Wichita’s new Triple A baseball team will be taking the field.

And while city officials decide on car parking, at a meeting Monday they also looked at where to drop off your bikes and e-scooters while you enjoy America’s pastime.

As far as bikes go, they are looking at bike lockers or even a bike valet.

“A fence that you can have a person there that they can put your bike inside a secured area,” said Paul Gunzelman, assistant engineer for the city of Wichita.

When asked about plans for rentable e-scooters, he said they are still looking at options.

“We’ll have to tackle the scooters yet,” said Gunzelman. “I don’t know that we had a lot of discussion about that tonight and their pretty new to the city.”

But, employees of VeoRide’s Wichita region want more discussion on the e-scooters and the ballpark.

“The city needs to lift the time restriction,” said Nathaniel Richardson, a scooter technician for VeoRide. “During the summer, it was cut off at 9 p.m. for both companies. If they ride it there and the cutoff time happens, they won’t have way to make it back after it closes.”

As the city goes to the drawing board, people like Kailer want options that encourage leaving the car at home.

“Biking and walking and transit as an opportunity to promote alternative forms of transportation the access to the station, relieve some of the pressure on the parking,” he said.

Gunzelman said he will use the options for bike parking, presented Monday night, and put them towards a design plan.

He says he will also look at ways to possibly incorporate the e-scooters in the parking plan.