HILLSBORO, Kans. (KSNW) — From classic cars to unique samples of taxidermy, roughly 2,500 items will be auctioned off at the Marion County Fairgrounds this Saturday, May 14.

It’s all a part to clear out the city’s museums and storage facilities, which city officials say are so full, a number of them have become unsafe.

“Everything that you see here represents a multiple, in some cases, many multiples of items that we have that are still on display in our museums,” Hillsboro Mayor Lou Thurston said.

Dozens of volunteers across multiple city departments helped make this weekend’s auction possible.

“We’re in the process of offering things back to original donors or families, and so there’s a little bit of detective work that’s still happening,” Hillsboro City Administrator Matt Stiles said.

Stiles says this weekend’s clean-up will also mean a more user-friendly experience for museum visitors.

“Hillsboro has a rich history, and I think we haven’t necessarily done it as much justice as we have in the past just keeping all this stuff, so as we put it back into the community— it’s been great,” Stiles said.

The auction will take place Saturday, May 14, at the Marion County Fairgrounds from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.