WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — $10 million, money the City of Wichita is giving to some nonprofit organizations. The cast comes from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) the City received.

The executive director of Kansas School for Effective Learning (KANSEL) said when the pandemic hit, a lot of the funding nonprofits received was cut. He said the ARPA money from the Cty can really help his organization get back to helping the community.

“For a City to recognize that there is a need to make social changes within the world of philanthropy and charity is huge,” said Thomas Montiel, the Executive director and CEO of KANSEL.

On Thursday, KANSEL was $69,150 to expand its program for adult literacy and workforce skills.

“This funding will really help us turn the tide back to before COVID, where we were out in the community more often, being able to talk to people more frequently about what we do here and providing an open invitation for if you need your high school diploma,” said Montiel.

KANSEL is one of 14 organizations to receive funding in the City’s first round. ICT Food Rescue also received a check.

“It will change the amount of food that we are able to recover threefold,” said Stephanie Merritt, the Executive Director of ICT Food Rescue.

Merritt said the $126,555 will allow them to open a transformation kitchen to make food for those in need.

“What we need in our City is we need a place to where this surplus that’s maybe rice and beans and tomatoes all of this comes together to one central location, and we’ll have a chef that will repurpose that,” said Merritt.

For Breakthrough Episcopal social services, the $480,178 awarded will remodel an employment lab and get more people employed.

“Some of the hardest folks to employ and to keep employed, we’re gonna be able to come alongside them and help place them in different companies and industries around the City,” said Andy Houltberg, the CEO at Breakthrough Episcopal Social services.

The City of Wichita still has $3.6 million to give out. Organizations can apply right now for the second round of grants. You can do so by clicking here.