WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Can my criminal record be erased?

Kansas Legal Services, in partnership with Koch Industries, is hosting an expungement screening event to determine if someone’s record can be cleared.

“Once you get something expunged, you can legally say that you were never convicted of that,” said Christine Campbell, statewide pro bono director at Kansas Legal Services.

Volunteer attorneys are available to look at anyone with a criminal case in Kansas, including juvenile convictions.

An individual is eligible for expungement if:

  • Offense is expungable (all misdemeanors and most felonies)
  • Required amount of time has passed since conviction
  • All fines paid
  • No felony convictions within last two years
  • Change in character

Attorneys recommend individuals bring in case information to help determine their eligibility. Case information can be accessed at the event, but it is limited.

If determined eligible for expungement, Kansas Legal Services will provide options on how to move forward with the process — including applying for pro bono assistance. No filing will take place at the event.

Campbell said a clean record helps people in different ways.

“You can go get better jobs. You can now become a foster parent. You can adopt, that’s a big thing,” said Campbell. “More importantly, you can get better housing because a lot of housing applications have that line on there that asks if you have a felony conviction in your past.”

The expungement screening runs 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Advanced Learning Library, 711 W. Second Street.

More information about expungement can be found on kansaslegalservices.org.