One mans trash is another mans treasure. That’s the old saying and it turns out to be true when it comes to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

“We are excited that we have a place for them just to be kids,” says CEO Susan Smythe, Ronald McDonald House CEO.

At first sight, it is what it is.

“It is perfect condition for what we need,” Smythe says.

A playground.

“Isn’t that amazing,” she says.

But it is much more than just a playground. It is a playground for children in need.

“Bradburn Wrecking Company has donated this playground equipment to us for our brand new Ronald McDonald House,” she says.

The new Ronald McDonald House across from the Wesley Children’s Hospital will have 80 rooms for families from out of town to stay in while their children are with the doctors. Now, the children will have a place to be kids.

“They need a place to play a place to go outside in the sunshine and just get away from the medical care setting,” she explains.

And it turns out the old turf at Lawrence Dumont Stadium still has some playing days left on it.

“We are excited to make it apart of our facility expansion over the next few years,” says Jayme Davis.

Davis is the Marketing Director at Central Christian Academy. She says Bradburn Wrecking Company told them if they could get it out, they could have it. The pre-kindergarten through 9th grade school, now looking to expand as a high school, gladly took them up on the offer.

“Friday evening we had phone calls going back and forth, equipment getting lined up and Saturday morning just hit it,” Davis explains.

Both Davis and Smythe are thankful.

“It is definitely a blessing to us,” says Davis.

“This is a fantastic way that Wichita operates together,” Smythe adds.

Davis adds that for the school to get the turf it needed it would have cost them more than $1 million.