WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – To grill dogs, burgers, and throw in some add-ons, it will cost about $70 bucks to feed 10 people this Fourth of July.

If you’re keeping score that’s about $10 more than last year.

“But yeah, it’s a little bit more expensive, but whatever it takes to have a good time,” said Eric Resendiz from Garden City.

Resendiz was in Wichita stocking up on fireworks Sunday on his way back home.

“Whatever it is, this is the fourth,” said Resendiz.

Some are cutting back a bit on food for fun on the fourth.

“I suppose we all cut back a bit, watch our spending,” said Jean Giet. “Like it went up, but I just want to have fun with my kids.”

Giet is not alone.

Casey Palmer is home to see his parents this holiday in Wichita. Mom and dad are picking up the food bill with higher costs.

He says if it was his own party, he would cut back with higher costs for food.

“Like I’m visiting my parents, so they’re going to cover the cost,” said Palmer. “But if it was up to me I probably would.”

Farm Bureau says beef to grill is up 36% from last year. Chicken is up. Some things like strawberries and chips have come down.

Regardless of the price, Giet says enjoying time with family is free.

“Yeah, it’s affecting everybody, but I try to see the positive and positivity,” said Giet. “Being together with the family and not to think about the issues of the world.”