CPA advises people to prepare taxes as early as possible

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - In the midst of the partial shutdown, the government has promised to retain some furloughed workers to process tax returns.

"I think it is our president's duty to make sure our government workers are paid," says Wichitan Alyssa Holler.

Until the shutdown is lifted, IRS workers will not be paid and must wait for back pay.

"This is something people rely on," says Holler.

According to the Trump administration, we can. The IRS will begin processing claims on Jan. 28 and send out refunds, even if the shutdown continues into the filing season. According to one tax professional, there is more to consider.

"It was going to be delayed any way because of the new tax law," says Criser. "They are still trying to get the software tested and all approved. Well, now, they are furloughed. So does this mean for every day they are furloughed that it is going to be one more day until people get their refunds?"

Certified Public Accountant Steve Criser says he does not know, and he has been doing taxes since 1975. He says a delay in refunds could impact taxpayers.

"There are going to be people that do not like that," he says. "That is going to be a struggle."

Over the last several days, that has been a topic of conversation.

"Including my mom, she has two young children and relies on that money to pay for sports and activities," says Holler.

Whether you E-file or on paper, Criser says as soon as the ink is dry on your W2's get started.

"Go ahead and get the process started," he says.

There are 800,000 workers that have been furloughed, of those, nearly 70,000 come from the IRS. But the IRS has marked nearly 10,000 as essential meaning 12 percent of their workforce will be in the office to help with tax season.

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