A Wichita woman with a passion for Christmas has decked her house for the holidays.

“I love it. I am a Christmas lady,” said Fluffy Hall. “I believe in the magic of Christmas.” 

The magic is on display both inside and outside Hall’s west Wichita home.

“It’s my passion! When I lived in Missouri, I had tours for a charity. Since I’ve been here, we started out slow. I mean, people, through word of mouth, would say ‘oh, have you seen the Hall’s house’ and it just kind of got bigger and bigger and bigger,” Hall explained.

How big? Hall’s house boasts about 65 Christmas trees, more than 100 snowmen, several dozen wreaths and even more animated characters.

The decorations span from Hall’s kitchen to her living room and even her bathrooms.

“I am the Christmas crazy lady and I’m ok with that!” Hall laughed. “I love Christmas. I’m a kid. I always say, ‘I will grow old, but I will never grow up.'”

Hall didn’t grow up in quite as festive of a home. In fact, she said her childhood Christmases looked a lot different.

“I was raised in a family of eight and we didn’t have much money and we didn’t put a tree up until Christmas Eve. I always thought, ‘Wow, all that beauty and it’s only there for a couple of days. Why is that?'” Hall said.

Now, Hall is on a mission to spread Christmas joy.

“We just decided that, you know, if I do this anyway I might as well do it for something worth something,” she said.

Hall and her husband are holding a holiday tour of their home in hopes of raising money for Mason Norris, a 6-year-old boy who is battling stage four cancer.

“It’s so hard. We want nothing for him but to be a kid and instead he’s stuck in the hospital half his days, shut away from everything that he should be doing,” said Mason’s mom Ashley Norris.

Mason was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in June. He will spend this Christmas in New York undergoing treatment.

Norris said when the Halls approached her with the fundraising idea, she and her husband were beyond grateful.

“It’s not easy traveling to New York and back and all of the expenses and bills and it’s just overwhelming,” Norris said. “We can’t get over the amount of people who are willing to help us and who are opening their hearts to us and their houses, helping us not just spiritually and mentally, but financially.”

The Halls said they hope the tour will serve as a Christmas gift for the Norris family and the Wichita community.

Click here to donate to Mason’s Miracle.