WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A daddy-daughter duo in northeast Wichita decorates their porch every season to bring holiday cheer.

“This Christmas, we decided to go with the Grinches lair because we watch ‘The Grinch’ like seven times a day every day since the summertime basically. So, we decided to make it come to life and have fun with the neighborhood and our fans,” said Lauryn Willaims, the daughter of Daddy Daughter Decor.

“We were gonna do Whoville, but everyone seems to like ‘The Grinch,'” said David Williams, the daddy of Daddy Daughter Decor.

Lauryn says she and her father have been talking about their Christmas decorations plans since the summer.

“It takes us a while to actually plan everything and see what we’re gonna use because we repurpose a lot of our things, or items, I guess I should say,” Lauryn said.

“We did our horns up top, all the flower pots and PVC pipe. We did our bed out of … a pallet and some chairs,” said David.

The two started their duo with school projects.

Lauryn says when she was issued an assignment, she would tell her dad, “We have this project to do. Let’s do it together.”

The duo then flourished into repurposing furniture together.

“We were doing furniture actually from my grandma’s house, just repurposing it, putting it on Facebook, showing what we can do,” Lauryn said.

But Lauryn says their claim to fame came from custom flower pots.

“We decided to do a flower pot one day, we sat it on top of the dresser, and we posted a picture of it, and people started asking, ‘Hey, how much is the flower pot?'” said Lauryn. “So, that’s how Daddy Daughter Decor actually started.”

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