WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Jeff Corbett was driving on Murdock in north Wichita on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 10, when he came across something that made him turn around and stop.

“It looked like a big dog in a trash bag,” said Corbett.

Corbett says he got out of his car and realized it was a sheep.

“A dead sheep in the bag,” said Corbett. “And it had stuff coming out of its nose.”

Corbett says it is odd for something like this to happen in Riverside.

“What was going on through my mind? Is this a message? Is it a prank? Is it something else?” questioned Corbett. He says he reported it to officials and has not heard anything about it since.

“There was one more found and maybe even a third one somewhere in a dumpster,” said Corbett.

Corbett says he does not know what to think of it.

“It’s just really creepy, is what I think about it,” said Corbett. “The whole thing is creepy …”

Wichita City Council member Maggie Ballard says she reached out to animal control in a comment on a Facebook post asking about the found sheep:

“Ok, this is what I have learned,” Ballard said. “Animal Control received several calls, so they went to check it out. They DID pick up one giant sheep. They don’t have or know any more information at this time. So bizarre.”

She also said that she was thankful to everyone that called it in and that if she learns any more about it, she will pass it along. She did just that.

Ballard commented again, saying, “there were 2 that I am aware of. AC picked up one and the other was dropped off at the facility. Both were huge! No broken legs or signs of mistreatment. One was shaved and one was not. It’s the most bizarre thing! I’ll see if there are new updates from AC.”

She said the second one was found in the same vicinity as the first one.

Ballard, like many others in the neighborhood, said she is left with many questions.