WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The shooting in Old Town is raising safety concerns, but the area’s association president says the district is safer than ever before.

“Old Town has worked really hard on a lot of security measures, and it’s really WPD that has been amazing and have made Friday and Saturday night about as safe as it can be,” said Debra Fraser, president of the Old Town Association.

For the past several years, the district has partnered with the Wichita Police Department to help improve safety in the popular entertainment district. They have beefed up security with traffic arms, which prevent vehicles from driving on streets in crowded bar areas. In addition, Fraser says they have added more lighting to places that need it. On the weekends, WPD uses the mounted patrol unit to monitor large crowds. They also installed multiple security cameras.

“Security is already at a pretty heightened level just because we know a lot of people are going to come out clubs after 11 p.m.,” said Fraser.

Fraser does not know if the shooting that left one person dead and five others injured early Tuesday morning will impact security in the district.

She sends her condolences to the families impacted by the shooting.

“This is terrible, and the Old Town Association is thinking about the family of the victim and the other five that are still in the hospital,” said Fraser.