WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Many residents in the Delano District are concerned about a proposed development.

The development, which requires approval from the City of Wichita, would get rid of about 40 trees and turn a green space on the south side of McLean between Fern and Vine Street into apartments if the area is rezoned.

The city currently owns the area.

Those against it say getting rid of the trees would cause pollution and increase traffic in their neighborhood. They say adding an apartment complex would make the area too expensive.

“We want to keep what we got, and people walk through that area. It’s used quite a bit for the neighborhood. It’s one of the good things that we have, and we really keep. Delano does not have a lot of parks. We don’t have any at all,” said Harold Schlechtweg, who lives in the Delano District.

The advisory board voted unanimously to not recommend the area rezoning to the City Council.

Residents of the Delano District say they would like to see the area designated as an official park to save the green space.