WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Organizers of the Delano St. Patrick’s Day parade announced on Tuesday, Oct. 4, that they have made the decision not to continue with it.

“It is with a heavy heart that, moving forward, we have made the decision not to continue with the Delano St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” said parade organizer Cameron Lawrence.

The event was Wichita’s only St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Lawrence said issues started to arise once the pandemic hit.

“Two years ago, in March of 2020, it was a confusing time to put on events,” said Lawrence. “We were one of the first events in Wichita that year to cancel its operation due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the impact it could possibly have on crowds. The pressure built up during the weeks leading up to the event, and the day before the parade, we had to call it off.”

Since 2020, the Delano St. Patrick’s Day parade has been canceled every year.

“This was because each time the parade came around to plan, there was new uncertainty with whatever information had been circulating at that time,” Lawrence said. “Attendance, sponsorships, and public opinion were unpredictable.”

Lawrence said the public has given him, among other organizers, many wonderful memories, and for that, they are grateful.

“Over time our team’s lives have changed, and our passions along with them,” said Lawrence. “Personally, I want to thank you for the 14 years of celebrating with us since the parade’s inception. I also want to thank my grandmother, Nancy Lawrence, for all of the hard work she put into this parade each year.”