WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The three Wichita deputy chiefs who are demanding almost $2.2 million from the City of Wichita have added Wichita City Council Member Bryan Frye to their complaint.

On Monday, KSN News reported that the three deputy chiefs who served under former Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay are demanding an apology from the City, money, and the immediate resignation of City Manager Robert Layton and Wichita Human Resources Director Chris Bezruki.

On Wednesday, the attorney representing Deputy Chief José Salcido, Deputy Chief Chester Pinkston, and former Deputy Chief Wanda Givens amended his original letter of notice to add claims of slander and retaliation because of comments Frye made on Tuesday.

As KSN News reported Tuesday, Frye spoke during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“The definition of extortion — the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. It’s mindblowing that two current deputy chiefs of the Wichita Police Department have resorted to this tactic,” Frye said. “Deputy Chief Salcido and Pinkston should resign immediately.”

Attorney James Thompson said that Frye’s comments went too far.

“Evidently, Councilman Frye’s dictionary does not include retaliation and slander because Councilman Frye maliciously made these very public and very inflammatory comments from the city council bench,” Thompson said.

Salcido, Pinkston, and Givens are making their demands because they claim they suffered adverse employment actions connected to several cases, including how they tried to handle some controversial electronic and text messages between officers.

They said they tried to deal with the officers in that case and in other cases in an appropriate manner but were hindered by the city manager and the City’s human resource director.

Thompson said the letter of notice he sent the City on Monday on behalf of the deputy chiefs is required by law. He said KSA 12-105b requires the employees to submit a notice of their intent to file a lawsuit against a municipality. He said it also requires that they state the factual justification for their claims.

Thompson said Frye’s comments are slanderous and are another “very public example of retaliation against Deputy Chiefs Pinkston and Salcido for calling out corruption, retaliation, and harassment.”

The attorney also said the comments violate federal, state and city law and send a “very clear message to any other whistleblowers in the City of Wichita that if they dare come forward, they too will suffer the same calculated character assassination.”

“Rather than recognizing the rarity of three deputy chiefs stepping forward in unison to expose corruption within the city, Fry chose to crucify the messengers,” Thompson wrote. “And we wonder why more people don’t come forward.”

The attorney said that for those reasons, he added Frye to his mandatory notice as a future defendant.

“Moreover, the City and Councilman Frye are put on public notice of his conflict of interest regarding any business that may come before the Wichita City Council, including, but not limited to, claimants’ employment and or settlement of these claims,” Thompson wrote. “Councilman Frye must recuse himself from any further votes or business regarding these claimants.”

KSN News is reaching out to the City and to Frye to get a reaction to the new accusations.

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