Dozens of life-sized dinosaurs have arrived at Derby’s soon to be Field Stations Dinosaur Park.

“Came in on train, now they’re being loaded onto trucks and being brought here,” said Field Station Dinosaurs Executive Producer Guy Gsell.

Gsell, who is overlooking the project, said all 42 animatronic and handmade dinosaurs are expected to arrive in Derby by Friday. He said it’s a sign the project is making headway. 

“If you drive down the street right now, you’re going to see a giant construction site because we are building a mountain, we are digging a pond, we are putting in a quarry and we are planting a forest because that is the home for all of these dinosaurs,” Gsell explained.

Gsell said the goal is to create a thrilling park that will attract residents and tourists alike.

“We are hoping that we can use Field station Dinosaurs to get families in here from all over the region and have them understand that Wichita is a weekend destination,” he said.

People who live near the soon-to-be park are thrilled with its progress.

“Anything to help grow the community,” said John Killen.

“I think it’s going to be great. It’s something else for the kids to do,” said Liz Cornejo.

Gsell said visitors can expect new events and shows at the park each time they visit.

“We want to make sure that it’s exciting every time you come. We have special guests. We do over 40 live shows, activities, games every day and we swap them out so there is always something new to do, always something new to see, always someone new to meet,” he said.

The park’s opening day is scheduled for May 26.