DERBY, Kan. (KSNW) — Juniors in the Biomedical science program at Derby High School participated in a white coat ceremony, and seniors in the program presented their capstone projects on Wednesday, April 20.

The white coat ceremony honors juniors who took various courses in biomedical sciences while in high school. Seniors presented their capstone projections that they created in the biomedical innovations course.

There are four courses in total:

  1. Principles of Biomedical Sciences
    • Students use applied scientific concepts to do research and gather data to solve problems in the field. This class follows the untimely death of a woman. By exploring her death, students cover forensic science, genetics, inherited diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular structure and function, and microbiology.
  2. Human Body Systems
    • Students will tour the human body from the whole being through its systems and small moving parts and back to homeostasis. This course studies a wide variety of human systems using hands-on lab techniques that build on skills learned in PBS.
  3. Medical Interventions
    • Combining concepts learned from previous courses. Students solve real-world medical problems using state of the art. Techniques and protocols. This course follows a family through the generations and investigates cancer, gene therapy, microbiology, epidemiology, and medical devices.
  4. Biomedical Innovations
    • A capstone, senior design style course where students carry out project-based problem-solving research such as designing an emergency room or inventing/ developing a medical innovation

Whitecoat recipients:

  • Alyssa Binkley
  • Connoer Blagg
  • Alayna Bohaty
  • Max Chisham
  • Camdan Cooper
  • Brooklynn Davis
  • Kaylee Krotz
  • Agness Mbezi
  • Ryan Pierce
  • Talia Ransom
  • Logan Riley
  • Keelie Seyb
  • Samantha Stolt
  • Valerie Stubbs
  • Chareity Forward
  • Molly Gallegos
  • Madilynn Grady
  • Jayden Island
  • Tanner McQuaig
  • Bella Moises
  • Vryah Morgan
  • Jordan Mowry
  • William Pagels
  • Chloe Palivan
  • Luis Peresz Meza
  • Kendyl Rico
  • Emma Tiffany
  • Delia Utley

4th-year seniors (completed all four courses):

  • Shelby Bussman
  • Chareity Forward*
  • Savannah Hein
  • Sarah Helton
  • Vivian Kalb
  • Anna Lin
  • Bridget McAdam
  • Alesnadra Medina
  • George Nikolov*
  • Vy Nguyen
  • Logan Riley*
  • Jossy Self
  • Emery Squires
  • Landon Stark
  • Christina Thomas
  • Annelise Thompson
  • Cassandra Vargas
  • Lauren Walker
  • Charis Yager

3rd-year seniors (completed three of four courses):

  • Kaylee Krotz
  • Jordan Mowry

Whenever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.


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