SPRING HILL, Kan. (WDAF) — The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a dog was hit and killed by a train about 5 minutes from the dog’s home.

“I don’t know what kind of person would hurt an animal, especially one they don’t know,” said Emilie Kaiser, the dog’s owner. “They don’t have any idea what kind of animal she is. She definitely didn’t deserve what we’re hearing happened.”

Kaiser said she was the last person to see their dog Frisco alive. The dog ran into a grassy area near their home during an early morning walk.

“She runs around in the trees all the time, but she always comes back. We never have a problem with her just disappearing,” Kaiser said. “She went into the trees, but then never came out.”

Neighbors and friends even helped search for the dog throughout the day, but she was never found.

”We looked west. We looked every direction. We had several people driving around in cars, literally all day,” Kaiser said. “It’s very unusual spot for her to be found. She would not ever wander off that far. Not even a possibility.”

According to Capt. Matthew Kelly, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office received a report of suspicious activity on the train tracks near 239th Street and Pflumm Road late Saturday night. They found the dog a short time later.

“It’s illegal to be on the train tracks in general, so any type of activity on the train tracks could be considered criminal. With the deceased dog being found there, there’s potentially even more criminal activity with an animal cruelty,” Kelly said.

Kelly said this a joint investigation with Union Pacific Railroad Police. They’re working on reviewing video footage to get more information and figure out what exactly happened.

The dog was traced back to the family because of her microchip.

“We’re hoping as the investigation continues, that we learn more information about how this happened and hopefully who performed this act,” Curtis Kaiser said. “Shock was the biggest thing. Like, how does this happen? It’s not something you ever expect.”

The Kaisers said this isn’t anything any animal deserves, and they plan to fight for the answers and justice they want and deserve.

“She was just a great dog. She would snuggle. She would play,” Emilie Kaiser said. “We want to find out who did this. We want that person or people, or whatever, to be held accountable.”

A Facebook group, “Justice for Frisco,” was created to update the case. The group is raising money for a possible reward, hoping this will encourage tips.

If you have any information, contact the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, 913-294-3232.